Wednesday, 13 November 2013


First of all, fuck the spelling of Naive.

But, now to what I have to put out there.

I'm unsure what I am supposed to do in life. It seems everything you do will lose you a friend, lose a part of your conscience. Lose a part of you.

Naive is versatile. It can mean many things. It is usually used as an insult.

Sometimes it is good to be naive. Good to be ignorant to stupidity.

It is defined as having a lack of judgement, experience or wisdom. That's an unfair definition. You can be aware, you can have experience and not say anything. I'm naive to my own experiences. I'm naive to criticism. I do care most of what is said about me. I wish I did not. That might make me a sociopath otherwise. But sometimes that might be more comfortable in my skin.

There is something beautiful about naivety, though. Naivety is simple, absent from thought or judgment. Which is something this world lacks. Everyone can judge, the less intelligent ones judge more. No one is fit to judge. Including judges.

I'm naive to my depression most days. I try to live bright and alive. I would live to be unsuspecting of the harsh realities of the world. I would love to be naive. To be not subjected to the idiocy and hypocrisy. I wish I could forget most of what happens. Simply enjoying the beauty in nature is naive in both the negative and positive complex. You can enjoy the simplicity of it and be naive to the destruction. You can be naive to a developed city with jobs and dynamic personality.

In my times as an asshole, I have put many people through my own psychological experiments. Some more severe than others, I robbed something from them. Their naivety to the world. I wish I could give that back.

People who follow guidelines and routines are naive.

Nearly every definition on has a negative connotation to the word.

Naivety is not negative in some of its most beautiful forms.

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