Friday, 15 November 2013

Know Your Role

Everyone has a role. Everyone in some way contributes to society, and societal norms. Yes, even homeless people. As many people think they contribute nothing, and just sponge off of others. They play a rather crucial part for a green movement.

But, besides the point. You have a role somewhere on social media. You have a role in your family, you have a role outside your house. Your role is often dictated by someone else.

I am a student, I work, I try to be a little more in-depth with knowing those around me. In recent conversations I found out I'm viewed as an ass, as a villain. I rub people the wrong way.

There is a reason why the role is: a) given to me and b) why I thoroughly embrace this role. I am an open book in all aspects of my life. But, there is a wall to be broken with me, and probably with yourself. That wall is being able to be comfortable enough to tell me a bit about your mind, your body and soul. If I was likable for everyone, would anyone really know me? What plagues me?

I am a character oriented guy. I am an asshole, I play my own role because I would like to have close friends, rather than trusting blindly. People who battle to get to know me, or make some time are pretty interesting. I'm an average 22 year old kid with dreams that are yet to be crushed. I am an average 22 year old that does not drink or is very social outside of twitter.

In my in person life, I have earbuds in and wear a permanent angry face. Because, small talk frustrates me. How much information can you really gather? And what purpose would that serve? I'm an asshole in my life as well. I will call out family, friends, pretty much anyone for being a bully or abusing someone.

My image in person is not dictated by how I describe myself,
but rather my actions.
That is what society has lost.

You can be told all about how awesome I think I am, or if I am worth your time to talk to. But, unless you see action or have a discussion about my history, how would you know who you are talking to?

I have no desire to protect a public image. I write this to be vulnerable, to allow you to see why I write, whom I write for and how it helps me. This is as real as I get.

So, here I am, your not-so-friendly neighborhood villain.  You have your own role. I hope you play your role for you and not for other people.

Best Regards,


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