Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Part 2 of the depression post

As a follow up, I just wanted to point out that today I had moment of sympathy for those who have depression and have no way to cope with it. I play video games to take my mind off of the physical pain. It is not healthy, but it beats drinking or smoking.

People who have taken their lives because of it in the past. Didn't do the simplest and most realistic thing to help them. Talk to someone, even text someone. I can walk around on a given day, see at least 10-15 people who are battling with it somewhere. It is almost a badge. A purple heart if you will.

It is not impossible to see, nor is it impossible for it to go away. Lives are ruined, families, marriages have been ruined for lack of communication.

I've experienced the lows, i've cried at night, at nothing at all. Just to cry because it was some way to release some of my own pressures and anxiety. I did not seek help from a professional, cause ultimately that isn't what I needed. I needed a personal connection and conversation with someone. Someone who has had some experience with depression.

Today marked the 2nd annual Bell Let's Talk Day. Last year, I didn't take part in it. Mainly because I was depressed and was not willing to talk about anything to anyone. This year, I pushed it. Urged people on twitter to raise awareness for this now National ..... day.

As well, students who have anxiety attacks and get sad over the 80% they got. Really, not to bash those people. Aim higher, you are entitled to be displeased with it. I do not need to hear about how you need it to keep living.

Ultimately, people are battling depression and their own anxiety over bigger things. I am battling severely debilitating pain, and discomfort. I am battling an ulcer. And since I stopped putting my health behind everything else. I am no longer battling depression.

When CTV airs the Darkness Hope Documentary again, I hope you will all watch it. It is powerful.

Again, Regards,


Thank you to my mother, my girlfriend, my brothers, my uncle, and Ravid Dobb for all the contributions to make me who I am today.

Empowered and living.

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