Monday, 8 April 2013

I am

I am writing this blogpost to help people gain a little insight into who I am

I am funny
I am odd-looking, I am also aware of this.
I am unique, but as are all of you.
I am an avid gamer
I am a proud Indigenous Canadian
I am not better than anyone
I am easily frustrated.
I am easily angered
I am not hesitant to hit inanimate objects
I am unable to lay a hand on another human, regardless on how much you piss me off.
I am unable to make jokes about rape, racism, or using the word 'retard' and you shouldn't either
I am a person who was born with Bilateral cleft lip and palate
I am able to tell you what you should hear, if others cannot say it. (good or bad)
I am capable of feelings.
I am capable of comforting you, regardless if I have ever met you
I am a person who has broken my arm twice.
I am a person who has experienced 18 surgeries in my life (3 more on the way)
I am stronger because of them, not weaker
I am a person who does not see what is in front of him at first glance.
I am a hypocrite, as are you.
I am human
I am able to forgive
I am selfless
I am a sufferer of mental health problems
I am learning to control this.
I am most interested in learning about others, as you are the people in this with me.
I am a person who speaks from the heart.
I am an individual.
I am me .

I am done with this blogpost now, it is redundant. This is me.


Best Regards

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