Thursday, 14 November 2013

Consumed by you

Consume - To indulge in food, drink, laughter and various other sundries.

Me? I indulge in the fruits of individuals. I indulge of the people of society. In all aspects in life.

Me? I'm consumed by your beauty, your promise and your elegance.

Me? I'm consumed by your imperfections, your flaws, your frustrations and your lazy days.

Me? I'm drunk off of you. Drink off of what might be, what you might be. Drunk on one.

Me? Consumed by your thoughts and fantasies, your love. Your arched back, your sweat on your brow. Your ears and eyes. I am consumed by the fantasy of seeing you in your most imperfect form.

Me? Consumed by your cute adorable face and adorable lips.

Me? Most of all, consumed by the temptation, consumed by the desire to escape reality in some form. I am sincerely consumed by the thought of being able to live free from reality for at least a few hours.

Simply, I'm consumed by your smile and your laughter.

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