Monday, 18 November 2013


What's it like trying to entertain the smallest of masses? It is fun.... I would not be doing it if I did not love it. It is great to know I can make the odd person laugh. I try not to go too far. I live day to day. I try to entertain every minute of the day. It is great, I love the value of what I do....

What value?

There is no real value to being an entertainer.. Yeah I made you laugh a few times, I can try to make you smile, I can make you read these words. I can make you love these words. But, in all honesty. Being an entertainer is pretty depressing when the lights go out.

I'm all alone at night, no one to make laugh. No one to make smile. It is just me, I myself never get to smile. I cannot pretend to smile. I watch stand up for someone else to make me laugh. I can only imagine those comics go through the same.

You do not make friends as an entertainer. You make acquaintances, and anyone who might get into the inner circle is just as easy to move out. Truly, entertaining is sad.

I'm sure if I got paid to write these, or got the Cajones to go and perform a set, it might be different. But, as it is. I write mediocre tweets and make relatively funny shorts on instagram. People follow me from everywhere, there is always someone up when I am. That is kind of comforting. But, I will never meet these people. For their sake, I do not think it would be wise.

I've always been kind of a loner, and some days. Social networking brings it out even more.

So, do you think, that tweet of mine you might have read is funny? There is people funnier? That instagram video? Someone makes funnier.

Being an entertainer of even the smallest of masses is hard.

You are all alone at the end of the night. And that is when you truly see how lonely being an entertainer is.

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