Monday, 4 November 2013


There is two ways a person can speak of light. Light is the absence of weight.

Light is the absence of darkness.

Light can be a voice of reason, light can be the person who rights the ship. The person who can talk to you better than anyone else. They are the light.

Light shows the paths of the right, light can also show you how wrong you can be doing things. Light can illuminate the road ahead. It can illuminate the fork in the road that you did not see.

The way light hits your face just right, to illuminate the pure beauty. The raw perfection of your face. Shows the beautiful colours in your eyes.

Light gives the sparkle in the eyes of the people around you. Light gives life to nature, and environment. Again, metaphorically and physically. Without light, beautiful flowers, a perfect bumble bee or a stunning garden would not exist.

Light illuminates your love, your being, and your breath.

Light comes from burning, fire and destruction. Light from burning bridges is absolutely perfect in this world. One bridge burned gives light to your future relationships. An auburn fire burning is like a horizon off in the distance that you can only see at a certain time at night.

Light is the absence of darkness. Making it out alive from the dark holes we bury ourselves in. The dark holes we are found in. Finding balance and spiritual awareness through the light.

Everyone chases light.
Light is the last thing you see,
Light is the last thing you chase.

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