Saturday, 19 January 2013


This post is about triggers, working on your psychosocial mind set and having some spirituality.

I learned over the past year the best thing you can do is learn your triggers for anxiety. Try to avoid them at all costs. I'm not saying don't chase your dreams just because they make you anxious. But if something affects you enough to change your mindset negatively for a long period of time, you need to find a way to mend it. This is what ate me alive during my darkest days of depression. I thought of all the things that made me anxious and basically manifested all of those feelings at the same time.

Currently my triggers are thinking about death, thinking about deadlines, the changing of my external environment, and if my gastrointestinal system will ever improve. I play video games to avoid the thoughts of these triggers, and medicate when I do stumble upon it. I have a few others, my biggest one is dwelling on the past, I am chronic for this. In the worst ways as well. I think of things I know didn't happen but somehow try to rationalize it in my fucked up mind.

Anxiety itself is a battle, and the most unique battle one can have. It is a battle against yourself. A battle against if you can keep the peace in your own brain. Controlling thought is difficult, damn near impossible. I'm trying to wrangle these feelings and use them for good. I've been maintaining it for a little while.

Spirituality is huge for this as well. IF you remain positive in your mind, even for the littlest of things you can avoid triggers a lot easier.

Remain happy if you can, look at the brighter side of life.

Enjoy the little things, including adversity.


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