Friday, 11 January 2013

Social Media, and why it plagues society today.

Facebook is a plague, pure and simple. It brings no real joy to anyone, it isn't beneficial and it certainly does not make you any smarter. In fact, it makes you dumber, angrier and most of the time more depressed.

It is good for fights, grudges, and downright stupidity. Every fight between friends, between family between you and me, or people arguing with companies starts with facebook nowadays. Your family member you are fighting with could die tomorrow, what is the last thing you said to him/her? What was the hate fueled speech you couldn't say to them in person because of the compassion. It is easy to type something. It is easy to call you a moron over facebook. Even easier on twitter. How many murders, affairs, robberies, brawls, shootings, lost jobs start on facebook or are over facebook.

God forbid you remove a friend on there, it is like removing them from your life. That's the extreme they take it to. Why? So what if I don't want to read "Like for TBH" "FML" and "My BFF Jill" day in and fucking day out. Or why would I want to listen to you air out your dirty laundry, your spiteful vague messages, or your petty words that are meant to someone whom everyone knows who it is to.

Move on with life, grow from it.

Another thing, Facebook allows for depression easily than one would think. "_______ just got a new job." "Is now studying at U of A in medicine" "I just bought a new car" "I won a thousand dollars from the casino" "I got a A+ in Poli-Sci" "I got an A in English"

Goes by the rule of I don't care what people do around me. Your success in regurgitating information isn't important to me, and certainly is a giant circle jerk for yourself to feel better and get likes. At a certain point you have to realize how much of a douchenozzle you are.

Broadcasting your egocentrism is nothing to be proud of, it is upsetting. To other people, it is a trigger. A trigger for panic attacks and anxiety that you might not be doing the best you can. Why? Success is determined in many different ways. Rather be comfortable and happy, than designate all my time to studying the same 20 terms for a midterm over 5 weeks.

There is almost nothing beneficial to your intelligence on there. You also don't remember 90% of whatever you read on there. Only 1 positive thing has came from facebook for me, the rest of it. Arguments with family when I was younger, lost friends because of their stupidity. Worst part? Finding out how unbelievable racist, homophobic, misogynistic, sexist, misanthropic everyone really is.

Social Media serves its purpose, connecting with people you don't know or haven't seen in a long time.

The message that comes along with it should be, you have to be this mature and sane to use it.



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