Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Health "Care"

Hey, don't get me wrong I like public healthcare, and ideally would like it if many other countries put in the effort to do it. I'm not arguing about that. However, for it to succeed and exceed all it's own possibilities it needs proper funding.

As well, in Canada I realize there is some privatization as well as a lack of health care in some areas. (Reserves) I don't know if I didn't know this before from where I was. A person who stayed around 2 months worth of days and nights in hospital.

I try to give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to hospitals; However, I have been to a couple Emergency Rooms lately and could tell quite well how unbelievably stressful it gets for the RN. The issue of the lack of beds is one that is not going to have a resolution until they have proper funding. Unlikely, but as it stands it seems like their next logical conclusion is going to be privatizing it.

Going into Emergency is its own thing, my surgeries taught me that people who are RN's working in patient care are a lot nicer (and under the effects of morphine are hit on more often by Devon :) ) But, walk into emergency fill out a form and have your vitals checked 4 or 5 times in an hour. Then, they tell you that they can't do anything for pain or run more tests to eliminate more things is very demoralizing. I put it to you, people in the health care industry. If you choose to work in that body of work, you should be more acceptable to the "Care" part. They can't run proper tests because people suffocate them with things because they can't find a family doctor in Edmonton.

As it stands, from the outside looking in. The Emergency Room is just a 6 hour doctor appointment that leaves both parties very sour.

Last time I was there, I witnessed a woman with a broken arm sit there in pain for an hour and a half without any painkiller or ice to reduce the swelling. By the time the nurses cared enough to bother giving her ice. It was far too late, the sheer exhaustion and superficial pain just beat her down to tears. I also talked to another woman who was told to go into the emergency by her doctor (neurologist).

Because he feared she had Meningitis. Instead of taking that information from her, the ER doctor had told her that she didn't and she just needed eyeglasses to help with the newly developed blurry vision. Within a week, she had no vision and could not walk. She was rushed back in by a family member, and they did finally run a couple more tests. Including a spinal tap, the spinal tap proved what her Neurologist feared. She did have Meningitis and lost a majority of her motor functions because of their inability to walk. I sunk in my chair as she told me this story. She could no longer work and spent the last couple years in a wheelchair. As a person who spends a lot of time in the healthcare system I thought that they would care a little more to what she had to say.

The lack of funding towards Healthcare, not only takes away beds. It takes away the care from health care.

I want to enter that field because I care about my health, and want to reduce pain and anguish of others. I fear that the sheer amount of stress will just crush me. But, that isn't going to stop me from chasing my dream.



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