Monday, 13 February 2012

Life, Religion, and earphones

I get it, we all have our motivations and inspiration to do things. I grasp for the real things around me, my family, my thoughts, my goals. Mostly my family. Other people, use religion. I used to have problems with this. As it appeared/(s) to be a smoke and mirrors act. But, today I realized that it is no different than I drawing motivation from the people around me. People use religion and beliefs as a stepping stone to greatness. From my perspective, it appears to be the greatest aspect to that strong-willed persons life, or their turning point of them swan diving into the crazy pool.

For once I have come to peace that people will have their religious beliefs and they are good people for conducting life according to it (for the most part), and as it stands it leaves them open criticism. As does everything that I do in my life is open to criticism. I often will throw the comparison of the crazy man talking to the invisible person, or reference God as Gandalf. I incur whatever punishment I will receive in purgatory, as will the rest of you cynical folks.

I guess what I am trying to say is if you come intruding into my life with religion, shoving every aspect of it down my throat, I will acknowledge your beliefs, and most of the time respect it. I will even humor you, and will refrain from breaking it down using logic. I probably won't like it, but in a way, I am happy that a person is finding inspiration in our world; However, I conduct my way of living by learning from real things. Using heuristics to solve common problems, or live with my issues and deal with it. If you suggest the bible as a real thing, I will straight up shit cotton. That book is full of torture porn, incest, sodomy, racism, and for those Sandusky/MJ joke lovers. Rape.

These things are all punishable in a court of law. Yet, they are written and rewritten in text for you to projectile vomit it at people on the street. Yes, it is there for some kind of DON'T PUSH THIS BUTTON warning. But, if you don't bring attention to it, no one will push it, so why put it in there?

I'd be more inclined to believe in something that has many fallacies to it if I wasn't told why the Bible is the way of life. And you should live your life accordingly. Using that logic, i should dawn a cape and fight crime in Gotham city because I have read a Batman comic

I believe in values, I believe family is what comes first. I live accordingly, and plan life accordingly.

I am skeptical of religion because everyone has one, and everyone abuses it like a Sandusky joke. (2 in one article. Booya) If you were truly humbled and lived an honest, hard-working religious mans life. You would keep it to yourself because it is ultimately you who draws inspiration from it. I believe the concept exists. I just don't believe everyone understands the whole idea of it. I sure don't, and yet everyone throws this knowledge at you like Ian Michael Thomas in Rookie of the Year.

Final Thought: I get a rage bursting chub when people stop me, when I have both ear phones in. So they can tell me about the Bible. Kinda defeats the purpose of earphones doesn't it? Especially when I am listening to Morgan Freeman read Psalm 69, and Austin 3:16

By the way, I realize my thoughts aren't ever completed in my blog posts. Thus why it is a blog, huzzah!


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