Monday, 3 December 2012

Borderline insomnia and it's affect on me

For 2 weeks I have been unable to sleep, it is pretty consistent with the precautions of finals. I just want to be done them and enjoy the holidays, I have a lot to get over though

I shouldn't say unable to sleep, more like I don't go to sleep until 4 or 5, I am so exhausted at that point my leg begins to twitch and cramp. I cannot fall asleep until I hit that point however. It fills me with rage that I don't fall asleep until that point, and I cannot wake up for shit because of said exhaustion. I sleep until 1 pm usually. Feel like quite the slob and just lay there angry.

I wish I could understand the concept of it, and why the circadian rhythm gets disrupted. At this point it is only increasing my cortisol levels and affecting my psychology. It is factor right there that affects my brain and how I think. I don't think clearly in this stage, I don't think with any kind of rationale. Just mind pacing and no real reason to calm down.

It seems like small peas, but I know from experience that insomnia can lead to a lot of health problems. So watch your circadian rhythm and keep tabs on it.

Short and sweet blogpost, bigger problems in the world for me to worry about or for the rest of you to care about.

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