Friday, 14 December 2012

Gun Control, Mental Health and Connecticut

A town with a population of 27,000 was marred by tragedy on 14/12/12. It is indescribable as to why this can happen in a world like today when it can easily be stopped. What are 2 semi-automatic handguns willingly handed out to people who are of no clear mental sanity. No background check, no nothing, no questions. I'm not even aware of if the screening tests they say they do when they sell a gun. Because if a person can go shoot a group of kids, he can't possibly pass a simple screening test.

What level of darkness does a person have to be in to kill 18 children. Why? If he is a parent, why is he in the school with a gun? is it too much to ask to put metal detectors in. Simple things to stop so many lives lost.

Schools around them locking down, and anarchy has developed in Newtown, how does a parent let their kids go to school after that. Free babysitting service is what a elementary school is. It isn't worth it when people are walking into schools and shooting everyone.

Columbine happened because people were bullied, depressed, and didn't know a way out. Guns were easily accessible and people were killed. 10 years later we have the same thing happen, but with children. How do we go 10 years without tightening up school regulations and gun control? How many lives need to be lost? How long until we do mental health checks on people? this is too much at this point. It is a civil war amongst the "American" citizens.

Killing unarmed children angers me so much that I am beginning to ramble.

As of an hour ago the shooter was identified. What's worse? They are going to show his disgusting face all over every news outlet, to inspire all the other little vermin to do the same thing. Show the victims maybe show these people to have a little compassion. Why do they need to show the mug of the disgusting scum of Earth.

This no longer is about something from hundreds of years ago, this is now, 2012, it is the time to change. Amend it and bring in new policies. The south can manage without guns I think. As a Canadian I beg of the United States to work on gun policy and mental health checks.

Stop lives lost and wake up finally

RIP children in Newtown

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