Monday, 3 December 2012

Syncrude, and their empty promises to okay the pipeline

There is that story, good guy Syncrude trying to come in and prove oil companies care about the zoology of nature and the humans who live around the pit. I would be more incline to believe them if they weren't currently working on a giant pipeline that runs from BC to Montreal. If you read past the first 3 paragraphs you would believe almost most of what they said about it. That they want to make clean drinking water, they want to stop dumping, and want to help work on the environment

About paragraph 12 and beyond makes me very suspicious, because the guy himself brings up time. How much albertans would tolerate before they get displeased. In the Conservative province of Alberta they don't need to focus on that, unless they are trying to win over whatever is left for people on the political spectrum.

It is a very smart maneuver on their part, gain the treehuggers, the socialists, and the liberal party supporters just by announcing they signed a tentative agreement to deal with issues surrounding the oil sands.

Those people who own or operate within an oil company think in dollars and cents, not for how people are going to live around it. They are in the biggest industry in the world, the industry that keeps the world moving (literally)

Don't be sucked in by their promises to help the environment, protect aboriginal land, and overall just making Alberta a better place to live. All of it is bologna. They choose to ignore that people in this province have a shred of intelligence to see-through their "plans."

They are trying to get you to agree on any pacts they may have, if they are helping the environment. They are there to have a take and take battle, they will never finish that treatment plant. But, it will be their platform on any discussion here on out. They would be better being completely honest about it. They are crafty, almost as good as the Cigarette companies,

But, that is something I will discuss later.



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