Monday, 19 November 2012

The NHL and NHLPA: Apathy, agony, and annoying

3.03 Billion dollars, give or take a few thousand is what stands in the way of an nhl season. Between a couple hundred people who were not told by their parents how to share, or educated on logic and understanding. As a Canadian, I feel the need to have hockey every winter to help winter be more pleasant. It has been robbed from me and the other 33 million people in Canada. Even the babies being born right now.

Whether it is the NHL calling the players Cattle, NHLPA calling out bettman, the players name calling. It is not what is important. It has become personal, almost to a surreal level. "You won't give us that, well we don't want to bother." NHL responds "Okay, we should take a break and cool off" NHLPa " Haha, yeah that's what we need, is a break."

You know something NHL and NHLPA, you do need a break. You do need time off to give your god damn head a shake. Players are going to lose full salary. Which who gives a shit, they will find it elsewhere. Owners, have other shit to do, they may own multiple businesses or be dealing with personal matters. They don't lose a whole lot, that's why they are there. They own the company. The only people who lose from these childish antics are the fans and the employees of the various arenas, and merchandise stands. Fans lose on a grand scale, as they have nothing to watch, nothing to talk about, no rumors to watch, no thoughts and wishes about their team.

Those beer vendors who buy the beers by the tray just hoping to make 30 bucks on a tray lose, those seat checkers and security guards in the stands lose out. Rexall and arenas around North America (apart from NBA cities) lose out huge, as nothing big is going to happen.

A team like Winnipeg comes back to a city that was desperate for hockey since the Jets left, only to lay dormant as well. Fans have become a doormat, none of the players truly care about the fans. The owners know the big hockey markets will keep their fans so why should they care. Bettman is always hated, so why would this change anything.

You know what changes, players who didn't save shit are coming to the harsh realization how bad a work stoppage is. Those players aren't heard from. Because, the NHLPA takes the biggest, iconic players to the meeting. They might throw in a Westgarth just for fun. But, the only opinion the NHLPA has broadcasted wholeheartedly is Sidney Crosby. Why though? he has sponsors that are paying him well into retirement. It is not necessary to focus on him. Talk to the players who love the game, the players who know nothing but the game. Change your crew away from these stubborn greedy players and let it be. The only regular player who has been there with any economic knowledge is Mat Darche. Nobody else knows their ass from a hole in the ground, They go in there read the paper (maybe) pick out one thing, throw out the rest. Learn to cooperate and negotiate you Neanderthals. It is just downright annoying at this point that you have inexperienced greedy players unwilling to give one thing to the owners and take something in return. The owners came down to 50/50. Which was the biggest stipulation. Really, all you have to attack is the contract issues. Which if you sat down and actually had a back and forth instead of submitting an offer without talking to the other side, you may get somewhere.

One more thing against the players, Social Media and Networking is the dumbest thing you can do right now. You are not helping anyone by spewing how much you hate bettman, or your own owners who have locked you out.complaining about how you will not make your 3 million this year because of it. I got news for you, people are in worse shape. Those people also know how to share, have compassion, and cooperate in every day life. Something that was never taught in between your years of hockey playing.

Surgeries, flights, doctors, meals, hotels are looked after for you, as if you just have to go out and play the game you supposedly "love". Players keep you warm, paid, clean, dressed, and give you money TO GO OUT AND PLAY THE GAME YOU LOVE. They don't pay you to sit in a conference room and bash everything that is printed on an 8 by 10. Give me a break, stay playing hockey elsewhere then. I cannot go to my boss and demand 50% of whatever is in his pocket. Give your head a shake, they come down to 50/50 and you are too high on your horse to accept it over 22 games. Jesus Christ, you don't play 22 games you won't get paid for 22 games. If I don't work 10 hours in a week I can't go demand them. The world does not work like that.

Jobs, lives, money, and shelter for those who rely on a healthy persistent NHL season have hit the showers because the NHL and NHLPA cannot negotiate civilly.

So, NHL, NHLPA, Owners, Bettman, Daly, Fehr, Players. Fans of the game of hockey are no longer angry that you can't sort any of this out. We are embarrassed that you can't sort it out. We feel sorry that money is the most important thing in the world. Apathy doesn't even begin to describe it.

I'm sorry that the NHL has turned into the most greedy league in sports in over a century. This has become ridiculous, and really I don't care if you come back this year.

The game I love is getting torn in half by children, and children who have no ability to rationalize at that.

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