Thursday, 8 November 2012

Conversations in Post-Secondary, update on me.

Shoveled 3 times, snow blows. Ba dum tsch.

Anyways, I've been doing well in school, at the cost of my health. Rest of me is beginning to quit itself. My hips don't lie, and just got up and said fuck you. You will be in pain for a bit. Back hurts. Ulcer is getting mashed from anxiety issues. But, again things could be worse.

Experiencing the best grades I have had in awhile. Quite proud of myself, no idea how proud anyone else is of my efforts. Here is part of why I wrote this, I go out there and write my exams for me now. No worrying about what other people are doing, when they study, how they study, when they jerk off. I am focused more than ever but my body is breaking all momentum built up. I had hit a spell of severe anxiety.

I'm coming out of it unscathed or not worried about my mental health. A rather easy path out of the spell, Which is rare. This is down in the dumps time for many students, depressing around there. It is hard for me to enter the building because everyone is talking about exams and grades, or is depressed about exams and grades.. Who gives a fuck, it irritates me to no end that people cannot have a conversation without knowing every human's Major/Minor. Get to know something about the human being. If anything changes more often than a human being it is how often they change their major or minor.

It is beyond frustrating when people ask me how my grades are, what I thought of that exam, when I am studying. I am studying when the space aliens come to earth, I thought the exam should've had more dongs in the questions and I got a picture of an elephant as a god damned grade.

Decided to take this week off as a precautionary from burnout. So far, so good. I've recouped, and hopefully will refocus soon.



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