Thursday, 8 November 2012

Recently opened up about my 'disability' (BLCLaP)

Disability - lack of adequate power, strength, or physical or mental ability.  
Deformity -  A deformed part, esp. of the body; a malformation

Well, besides the fact I've recently started spelling palate right, everything seems fine with me. This deformity that plagued me through school is nothing but my badge of courage. Without it, I'd have thin skin. 

I was born with Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate. According to wikipedia 1 in 700 kids are born with either
Cleft lip (cheiloschisis) and cleft palate (palatoschisis)

I was born with both (Bilateral Clef Lip and Palate), although I was born with both it is considered moderate-severe and not "severe". My top two front teeth are sideways as a result, and have taken about 10 years to try to get them to function as teeth again. I've had multiple surgeries on my ears to stop the risk of going deaf. Thank the lord such a thing as tubes exist. I've had throat surgery, skin grafts, and bone grafts. I've had 3-4 surgeries on my upper lip at a very young age. (2 months-2 years). My mother was there through it all, I was unable to cry or I would rip the stitching. I was unable to suck my thumb or I would hit my septum and sinuses. My mom was my hero, and still is.

 I had surgery to pin up fallen ears and one fell again. Leading to the frodo/elf name calling. Those children in middle school also said I looked like a goblin. There is that. I've been told I'm too ugly to date.

 I've had bone taken from both hips giving me some pretty bad pain in both. I've had what I am assuming a very botched leg surgery which leads to pain in my left leg. and continuous pain in my right leg.

This is who I am, a person who has endured at least 17+ surgeries, who has realized life is too short and people can be out of your life in a second. A person who hugs and kisses the ones he loves whenever he leaves them for even an hour because I don't know if I will be back alive or they will be back alive. I try to never say bye, instead I say see you later.

Life is nothing to gamble with or take for granted. I've always looked at my deformity/disability as bad luck. Over the past year my view has changed much to the good luck side.

I would not be who I am today, in strength, in intelligence without it. I would not have the honest and sincere tone with the people I love. I wouldn't have learned to appreciate the moments on earth. I would not have thick skin or learn to let things roll off of my back. Learned that things get better.

I've let go much of my reserved anger and frustration tied into my own birth defect, and all the bullshit that people tried to stir up with it. Here is more information, not the best information but better than wikipedia.

I appreciate everyone who has cared deeply about me. The people who have been there through everyone of them. My Hermano, Uncle, my Step father Ravid and especially my mom.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me

Regards, Devon

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