Sunday, 17 June 2012

Kookum (grandma)

Last week I was asked a peculiar question, hey when are you having kids?

For the longest time I had no desire because of how much things cost for raising children. In fact, it is one of the biggest oversights in the retail community. So much so that more people are going back to cloth diapers, or using underwear and just washing them. Oh, and they piss, shit and eat. Sometimes all at the same time. Sometimes they smell sweet and soothing, other times they smell sour and Poo.....thing

Back on topic, I came to the realization how old I am, and for some reason my brain just chose to ignore how old the people around me are. My grandmother is someone I love dearly and wish to see everyday. It is not possible anymore given the distance and general atmosphere. She is 75, and I have always been close to her. I would do anything for her as I would do anything for my mother and I would do anything for my girlfriend as well.

At 20 (21 in 2 months) I don't plan to have children for 5-10 years. I want my grandmother to be at my wedding, and I want her to see my children. at those intervals it would make her 80-85. I don't know (as does anyone else) if she will be healthy.

I do wish to have children one day. But, at this point in my life I am nowhere near ready or mature enough for them. Let alone healthy enough myself. My grandmother has been there for 20 surgeries. She's been the central hub for information through the rest of my family. Helped where she could. She loves her family, and it echos to a majority of my family. It is all I could ask for my grandmother to dance with me at my wedding.

Everyone needs to take the people around them as a blessing, and love them everyday. I've been guilty of forgetting this. Life is a very precious thing and the people around you make life sweeter.

I love you Kookum (G-Ma, Grandma, Grandma Helen)



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