Sunday, 14 October 2012

Amanda Todd, bullying needs to stop

Well, I've been putting this one off for quite some time.

You may have or may have not heard the story and wondered if I was going to write on it. As it connects close to home.

That is the thing, it way too close to home.

First things first. 2 questions.

Why wasn't a name change request put forward for her?
Why wasn't the authorities called?

Alas, those are what ifs. What did happen was we lost a kind soul. A soul who was willing to help almost anyone. Which in turn got her in far too much trouble. Into the wrong chat room, one lapse in judgement equaled 3 years of shitstorm rained upon her. Why a 12 year old is flashing anyone is beyond me. I wish no harm on people, no blackmail or extortion. We witnessed the harsh realities of the world on such a young person. A person ill-equipped for the role she was handed.

I sincerely wish it opened some eyes of the cyber bullies out there. I somewhat supported CISPA for this simple reason. To save lives. Save anxiety and depression for people trying to get some Yucks on a Friday night. None of it was needed, none of the savage beating or her showing her boobs to begin with. Bullies project their own insecurities on those around them Jealousy and the hunger for fame/infamy got the better of everyone involved.

It is instances like these that stop me in my life, wherever I am and realize how trivial what you are doing is in the end. Or if that anxiety is something you should be feeling. She ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She didn't say a damned thing to no one. Which is what really hurts. Everyone got their share attacking her, she had no one to turn to (with separated parents). She had no one, she openly admits it in her video. Not a single person supported her, talked to her, cared enough to glance at her unless throwing a fist at her. Enough is enough people, bullying needs to end.

I urge you to talk to anyone who looks/feels down. Save a damn life from the horrors of depression, caused from depression or otherwise.

200,000 2 million or 2 billion users can be behind/with her now. But, it is too little too late. This is where you hug your loved ones extra tight. You don't know how they feel, or they know how you feel.

I'm sorry Amanda Todd, I wish things were different for you.

Rest In Peace, no more bullies can get to you.


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