Friday, 12 October 2012

Alright, Beliebers you took it too far

As I have written before, Rick Rypien has had a huge affect on the decision to talk about my anxiety.

Well, Justin (shitface) Bieber toured Canada recently, I think? Who cares,

Anyways a bunch of morons, one being named Simram Mann, or wolfram alpha or some shit.

Decided "OmG, I'm at biebs, I want his half hard, bald penis inside of me, while he high pitch squeals his way to an orgasm." All the while singing " I don't want a baby, baby, baby, nooo."

Anyways this sigfried ralpha decided it was time to make her name known and tell everyone in Vancouver she was at Rogers arena to see him. So, she took a permanent marker and wrote her name, the date of whatever shitshow was about to happen. And what I can only assume is her number a bunch of hearts and a picture of her 12 year old face for Justin Bieber to make Paper Mache out of. (if he can produce semen from his ovaries).

What ramjam didn't know is that, the wall she had wrote her forgettable, and regrettable message on was the Rick Rypien memorial wall. Filled will hockey fans messages of love and appreciation for what he did for hockey and depression depression sufferers.

Simbanam has since received death threats and removed her twitter and hopefully changed her name, because I am running out of phony names that sound similar.

What would possess a human being, at any facet to go to a Bieball's concert and to write about it anyways. Go there, realize wow that machine really helps his voice change and move on.

Stigman ram barked up the wrong tree. That is too personal for many Canadians. I sincerely hope one crazy person doesn't kill her or something. But, I do hope that taught her, and her beliebing friends a lesson in not being a fucking moron.

Thanks, rammamsinsamsnam, for defacing something that meant so much to me, and everyone else in Canada.

Some of the responsibility lies on Justin Bieber to issue an apology for the people who aren't his fans. The people who coexist with the puke, he should have to apologize on behalf of both of them.
I will enjoy every minute of the day that Bieber becomes non-relevant.

Article here

Regards, Devon

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