Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Student sued by Institution for studying too fast

I hope that link works, if not I hope you take the 2 seconds to read the story.

With how high tuition is getting, and is only getting hiked up I found this story particularly annoying.

He finished 11 semesters worth of work in 3 semesters. Which is absolutely insane.

Based on challenging courses and sitting in exams at the end of semesters without attending the class. He finished it all, with what people are speculating is a 4.0 gpa equivalent. One side the university is arguing that, he talked to people set up exams and interviews without contacting the heads of the departments. He finished those exams based on those practices. The university loses about 8 semesters worth of room and board, medical benefit charges, and the random surcharges. They are suing him for 3,500 euros or whatever they use.

Man, If I had the balls to do this I would feel like a badass. The university makes a very interesting point. But with all the bashing they get from students inside of the inner circles it is hard to feel sympathy. This year in Alberta tuition saw another hike.

I feel he should get away unscathed, free with his degree to earn a job. If anything the university should contact him to be a speaker to kids about working hard. Get people to want people to enjoy their study and experience the success. He would be a fantastic role model to people.

Keep living the dream Marcel Pohl. You stuck it to the university for the students across the world.

I plan to elaborate on this more, too tired now.

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