Friday, 27 July 2012

Weirdest Feeling I've had

For once in a long while I am in the middle ground of content and discontent.

It is a weird feeling, I don't feel much anxiety these days. Then some nights it flairs up like it used to. Haven't been depressed for awhile either. Life has balanced. I should be a hell of a lot more excited than I am now. Getting going with school, have a well-paying job. Albeit a very frustrating job, then again what job isn't. School is right around the corner, I am going to see Vancouver for the first time and help my brother move.

But, I feel meh right now. I don't have much interest in anything. sleep is lacklustre and very non-fulfilling.

July cannot be over fast enough, my whole life I have come to realize July is my least favorite month. Comes with many reasons; most notably the heat.

 Still feel like I can fail. Still feel like I can achieve what I want. Still feel very on edge about the whole concept of me entering a workplace that has so many flaws.

Thanks for reading this blog as well as the rest my friends and family.

Much love.

Best regards,


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