Saturday, 17 March 2012

Why I don't drink, DUI's and St Patrick's day.

Hello everyone, given that it is the day of the year when people have the largest excuse to drink, I figured I should write  a blog post about it. Throughout the history of this day, i assume the DUI counter has gone up significantly, or at least I sincerely hope it has.

Nothing about it is funny, I can imagine my peers i attend school with, some of them will drink and drive. I would hope the Edmonton Police Service is out in full flight tonight. I want to see an astronomical number of people to be caught. It would ease my mind that these people who have 'earned' their license get it stripped off of them. If i had it my way, they wouldn't be eligible to get it back in their lifetime. That's a little too harsh in today's society, and especially in Canada. Cause why would the person have a reason to do it again, besides he only did it once. He gets more chances. People who have died because of drunk drivers never really got to live their life to the fullest. It was taken in the most selfish ways possible.

These people who have committed (in my opinion) 1st degree murder will probably get 5-10 years and get out after 3.

My stepfather has sustained long term injuries to his neck shoulder and back because he was rear-ended by a drunk driver about 12 years ago. A trip that me or my brothers were going to go on. But, we didn't and if we had, the sheer velocity of the woman who was drunk crumpled the back into nothing which would've crumpled us into nothing. It was basically just Ravid Dobb in a seat, inside of a box.

I really want them to stiffen the laws more so than they are now.

Please drink responsibly tonight folks, for I will not be drinking

Now, as to why I don't drink and why I have no want to drink.

I have people close to me who have battled alcoholism and people around me who have it but are unaware that it has become a problem. Watching their lives from my perspective is gut wrenching and the lives of their families from the affects of it. I would never want to put myself in that kind of condition, or my family/future children.

I also do not see any monetary value in drinking. The night ends with you drunk doing something stupid, eating what you hope is food. Wasting around 100-200 dollars if you can somewhat budget drunk. Then the next morning you are awoken in a almost comatose state. Bludgeoned with phone calls of all the stupid shit you did last night. Then you complain about being told what stupid shit you did. It should become a rule.

To the people who argue that their is benefits to having a drink once in a while and use it as an excuse. Please show yourself the door, far away from me. Although, it may help your stomach and boost your immune system (according to, I assume drunk scientists) to battle the sheer amount of Ethanol anyone consumes on a friday is never healthy to the body.

It will also affect your brain, even the morning after when the affects have wore off. Severely damage your kidneys and your liver, or lead to long-term affects that you are not prepared for. I.E. the children born from one night stands who have no support from the 2nd parent.

Have fun with friends, family, whomever you wish to party with. Do it responsibly, and don't talk about it the next day like you surprised anyone that you drank green beer.


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