Sunday, 25 March 2012

Trayvon Martin The man with a rainbow gun

A black teen was shot dead and no justice is being served. That's quite the headline. But far, too common. The United States has been pretty consistent with this verdict. The teen was walking home from the store with a bag of skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea <3. Shot by a volunteer neighbourhood watch person. You know the people you are supposed to trust around the neighbourhood. Good people who earn a decent living and care about their communities apply and are granted this. However, how the gentleman who shot him was granted such a title is beyond me. A rumoured white supremacist with an agenda to remove the afro-american kids from his neighbourhood.

Carrying a gun without a license, as well as walking with a concealed weapon around a neighbourhood filled with children. I don't even think he is going to get slapped with that crime. He won't do time, and millions of people in the states as well as in Canada are very displeased by this. (including me)

The million hoodie march has been set ablaze throughout the states, from the Miami Heat's Lebron James getting his teammates to put on the hoodies and take a team photo.

The guy (whose name I could give a shit to know) pleaded self defense because Trayvon, had a hood over his head. Thus he assumed he was dangerous to his community. How you can bring correlation to any of that is beyond me.

But, this just doesn't happen in the states, or for one particular race. People who have gated themselves in their world and can't accept knowing someone who is of that race is ridiculously common. People I've known for a long time have told me if I looked more aboriginal they wouldn't have talked to me. That's just disgusting, and I'm not sure if people know the severity of that mentality to those around them. You cannot accept yourself so you take it out on people who are different and comfortable with who they are. But it will never be changed, only reduced if you are lucky.

All of that being said. Rest in Peace Trayvon Martin, a icon for minorities and the fight against stereotypes everywhere.

Devon Hunt

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