Monday, 12 March 2012

5 days of 'homelessness' and egoboosting and narcissism.

Hey, another 'charity' event or fundraiser, that raises 'awareness' and 'sorrow' from people watching it on the 'non-biased' global news stations.

Alright now that all of that sarcasm is out of the way.

In Edmonton, and wherever else they are doing this. They are running the 5 days of homelessness week thing. Where suburban people take a break from their leather couches and tempurpedic bed and go "live" outside of the university.

Armed with food, cellphones and pillows sleeping bags and extra blankets. They are trying to raise awareness of the situations that the homeless people of edmonton suffer through daily.

But, from my perspective they are pretty much slapping them and saying this shit ain't tough.

Nothing about this seems to raise awareness, in fact it angers me. Cause these kids are going to walk around with a swagger after these five days. These same kids and adults, who have stereotyped homeless for being addicted to something and most often using indian or native to be thrown into their views. Which is fair i suppose, as sad as it is for an aboriginal to post that a majority of homeless people are aboriginal.

These same adults that probably pass at least one homeless person a day. Whom ask for a couple bucks, in which they say why so you can go buy booze, mouthwash or lysol? These ignorant people who couldn't give a shit any other day besides these 5 so they can have some kind of self-fulfillment and self-esteem for the days to come. This is just a nice little thing they can put on a resume or tell their friends they are better than they are because they 'lived' like the homeless for 5 days. They even get politicians and sports stars to participate. Instead of these things, why not ask them to donate some of their fat paycheques directly to a homeless shelter.

Some of these homeless people were screwed by their job or their own situation and forced into it. Some of these people choose it, as a way to live without commitment really. The Homeless people found around our city are often interconnected in some way. Because, they have their own families that they comprised of getting to know the people who are left in the same predicament they are. Some of them even have a little money stored, don't wish to live in a house or find a job because it is his decision to do so. Most of them migrate west to Vancouver in the winter. They have their own culture as much as anyone else does.

The event is given much publicity, and one can only assume friends of the people participating often bring them food and whatever they can bring. Which again, a luxury that the homeless are not given. Cell-phones for entertainment. Oh and most of all, the ability to sleep on university grounds. Which also, the homeless are ticketed and kicked off of the grounds when they attempt to sleep there. They wouldn't have the slightest idea of what being homeless is.

 A Toronto man had been homeless and bottle picked for decades. Had over a million dollars in a bank account that he never touched. He said he never wanted to live in a house and pay bills cause he was completely content with his 'family' on the streets with him.

Of course neither do I, but i'm sure that the homeless are not afforded the luxuries they are.

Good on them if any of that money actually makes it to the homeless shelters around the city.

I could go on, and I am an ass for posting this. I know it is true. But someone had to say something.



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