Sunday, 4 October 2015

Awoken to numbness.

Numbness, in my opinion is the worst emotion you can feel. It carries from all other emotions. Controls your actions, or inaction. Controls your care or carelessness. This is life. Everyday becomes its own adventure. None of them particularly fun, logical or even necessary.

Today I awoke to the news that bombs have went off killing doctors trying to help civillians in a war torn country.

Yesterday afternoon I could not turn on the television without hearing about a kid succumbing to his own mental illness and unfortunately taking others with them

Today I woke up to a priest coming out as homosexual. Finally some positive news... Nope, he was fired.

A world wrought with politics. A world wrought with hate. A world wrought with frustration.

Who is to blame? Government? communities? parents? schools? media? interpersonal relationships?

I'm not one to pinpoint. I am here to point out that us as a society is numb to 9 kids being killed with their whole lives ahead of them. Numb to the idea that across the Atlantic there are entire communities wiped from existence in genocidal practices.

We are numb to refugees afraid for their lives and how it will EFFECT OUR LIVES, never theirs.

We are numb to the gun debate.

Numb to our own lives.

Happiness is a veiled emotion. I would argue true happiness does not happen until the moment before you die. Or at least it would be the happiest I would think a person could feel.

It is concerning to me that gun control is not at the forefront.

It is concerning that we are in a recession with not much to look forward too.

It bothers me that within Canada there is currently a cultural genocide going on (for the last how many centuries) and no one cares.

Is it that voices are not heard? Is it that we are all truly apathetic.

We are all just waiting for our own numbers to be called.

We are all just waiting for things to change without doing anything.

Silence is a gold polished turd.

Society is numb
Those in power are numb
Those in poverty are numb
You are numb
I am numb.

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