Monday, 21 July 2014

Lights, Nature, Phone Camera, Selfie

Turn the camera to front facing, make a stupid face. Snap a picture and post it to all the social media. Rinse and repeat day after day. Monotonous and redundant. Making the same face, occasionally change the lighting, or if you have a real life friend they will selfie with you.

As time progresses, our species will become dumber. The excess given to some people is too much.

I really hate camera phones.... Or do I?

The great thing about having an easily accessible camera is you begin to see new beauty in some situations. Some pictures can make an environment seem beautiful. Personify experience, grief and other emotions. To crave that orange notification on instagram. I take pictures of simple things I wouldn't ordinarily take pictures of.

Ironically, even that becomes annoying. I am a misanthrope. Some days I have extreme social anxiety, agitating and making me ever so aware of idiots with cameras. Most noticeably at concerts. Some people go to concerts and watch the concert. It is a rather novel and old fashioned idea. Sometimes bizarre to think that is a possibility. That has gone the way of the Dodo. or Dido. (Ha Ha Ha). People would rather enjoy the concert on a 5 inch screen for grainy terrible sounding videos that they can enjoy never. Almost as a way to rub it into the person who is wearing a Muse shirt. You can say, YEAH WELL I HEARD THEIR SONGS LIVE. EAT A DICK and then throw your phone at them.

Cell phones become the greatest one up in history. The followers you have, the likes, the favorites, the RT's, your pictures, the videos you can show someone of Eminem's Love the Way You Lie. Or the picture of your cat dressed up. The cameras have so much clarity now that you can actually see the cat contemplate hanging itself with your belt because you dressed it up.

These are here to stay, long past my life and yours. People will progressively filter their pictures. People will start naming their kid "LoFi, Hefe, and Kelvin"...

Cities may start naming themselves Nashville.


Devon aka A.D.D.

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