Tuesday, 29 July 2014


What does it mean to be detached?

Completely and utterly apathetic to the world and actions of those around you. I feel this constantly. I detach myself in someway everyday of my life. It is almost like my conscious has moments of temporary blindness. I don't think, I don't speak. I just am.

It is peaceful.

However; it is often a trigger for me for something much larger. I become too detached. Too unaware. I begin to get frustrated. I do not sleep. I do not eat.

Detachment to others is dangerous. When I hit my lowest, I was detached from everything. You could not tell me right from wrong. You could not tell me wrong from wrong. I just autopiloted until I could see some end at any cost.

I will never know how to control attachment and detachment. Part of me may not want to. The more I understand the brain and its habits; the more it seems to feast on my adrenal glands. To the point where I get so anxious that I cannot go outside and talk to people.

The world is dynamic and fickle. This is where the beauty of detachment comes in. The times you can detach from life, screens, money and just sit. Think about weird japanese tentacle porn or whatever you think of. Not that I think about Japanese Tentacle Porn... all the time.

If you feel detached and depressed. Please reach out, no matter how hard it can be to overcome. People are around you. People will understand. This stigma of detachment means you are a social outcast, an asshole, or rude needs to end. Some people cannot function when they become attached. You never know how each person deals with their demons.

Complete detachment is the last step before a person makes a life or death decision. It was the one thing that stopped me. I could not completely break the chains with me and my family.

A globalizing and social world is making everyone more misanthropic and reclusive. The line between Attachment and Detachment is so thin and grey that you slide into each from second to second.

Be aware of your own detachment reasons and techniques and be cautious of how it will effect you temporarily or permanently.



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