Monday, 24 June 2013

I saw somebody the other day

He perched across from me. Looking longingly into an empty voice. He lightly curled his lip to give himself something to smile about. The lights weren't on, he looked different. I couldn't figure out what was wrong

I couldn't figure out how to help this person that I have a connection with. I've forgotten what the connection is. He looks malcontent, he looks blankly at me. I look at him. I think about how he was probably happy in his younger days. He looked as if he has seen a ghost.

"Hello? Are you alright?" I whisper

I do not get a single response, not a facial expression. Not a sigh. Just a blank stare. I repeated

"Hello, are you alright?"

I look at him differently, he looks like he has experienced something he shouldn't have. He looks like he might be grieving but cannot let it our.

"Father, son, Holy Spirit." He repeats. Kissing the beads he pulls out of his pocket and points the rosary beads to the sky.

I cannot talk to him. It is like he cannot see me. He is human, I am human? We should be able to connect. He has no idea how to handle himself in any situation now. Socially he is angry, emotionally he is void. Psychologically he has nothing to think about but sadness

I wish I knew what bugged him, who he was, where he has been. If he will ever be 'normal again.'

The face of a man who looks depressed beyond comprehension, unable to move. Unable to speak to anyone..

I do not know this man, I miss who he used to be. I want to see this guy laughing, see this guy smiling. He looks like he has been crying himself to sleep for 4 nights. How many people does he miss? Will he get those people back.

This guy, I've never met. I want to make him happy again. That's all I want

He's too young to face these challenges, to take these constant barrage of life problems.

I want this guy to enjoy his life.

You learn a lot about a person by looking at them for a few minutes.


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