Thursday, 3 December 2015

The 'indian'

What does it mean to be called an Indian? It is derogatory and defamatory (unless from India).

You know what, you are never just called an "Indian". There is typically an adjective that follows. Things like

1. Drunk
2. Dirty
3. Stupid
4. Welfare

We are the oft-forgotten or at least the people that people want to forget exist in Canada. Luckily, they have handy little reserves (which we are told to go back to nearly everyday) that we can live on. Often told... You have your own land, why come here?

To further ourselves. Our families. Our future generations.

Recently, indigenous persons of Canada have had their first Rhodes Scholar. A phenomenal achievement that should never be taken at face value. It goes far beyond that. Every institution, every person he may have met or otherwise would discourage him to be less.

That's the mindset that most Indigenous persons have. I cannot be better. I am not smart enough.

Sadly, this will forever inhibit them if they want to believe this.

Indigenous people may never be afforded the same rights or privileges and that will never be at fault at the communities. It is a multi-system failure at the executive and legislative branch. Lack of clean drinking water, appropriate shelter and often times a scarcity of foods show how little First Nations communities are thought of.

Others wonder why the Aboriginal population lives so poorly.

Their ancestors were told to be nothing, succeed at nothing and take nothing.

Sadly, those teachings are cemented for generations to come.

I came to write about the sad state of many First Nations communities around the world. It became so much more depressing.

Only recently have we stuck up for ourselves. Through the means of Idle No More. I could not be more proud to be apart of a movement that hopefully yields change.

My brothers and sisters, make First Nations communities known. Do not let them forget that we exist. They will pay attention. Be apart of the solution.

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