Monday, 9 September 2013

Gonna try this Birthday Rap style

Maybe if you tried something other than bitter,
You'd get to know the runt of the litter.
You'd know I'm not a quitter.
I've never needed a sitter, I've never needed help
Finding my birthday supper on Yelp.
All I'm trying to say is, don't throw me aside like kelp.
I'm a human, I run on emotion
Sometimes that emotion flows like the ocean,
I'm not coasting,
I know what I want
I know how I can
It is easy to hate the man
Who lays it out,
Like a bad case of Gout.
I'm trying to be artsy,
I don't need a reason to be
I'm trying to be on my game 24/7
I can't be anyone other than Devon
You block, you spew, you try,
Your weak shit don't fly
I give you a reason to hate an asshole
So, you won't ever know the real me

I am humble, I know my limits
I am nothing compared to you dimwits.
It takes a certain level of empathy to understand me
You never took the time to care about letting it be.
I don't cause shit unless you attack character
My values, my beliefs or my vocabulary
Sentences, lines, and flow. I'm smooth like Larry
Bird on the court, in the sky. With flight so light.
Where to go with these.
This has taken me 3 minutes to write,
This is horrible, I know.
But, if you don't try anything, You'll never know
The limit of your potent-iow.
I stretched for that last line, like a pair of large undies on a clothesline
Like an old cord on a landline.
Line rhymed 3 times like I don't give a shit,
I don't care what people think of my looks,
I'm the King on this board, you're the rook
not everyone looks like a character in a book.
So try to bring me down with your bull.
I'll leave you sitting in a lull.
I got so much lines sitting in my cull
In my queue, I'm gonna be 22.
I am tired of people not caring about people
We are all in it, we are all equal.
Fuck everything and just be you,

Good night I wish you all a better year,
For tomorrow and yesterday are too near
To constantly live in fear.
I wrote this in hopes you laughed like I did.
I couldn't write it without being candid.
I have no hard feelings for those who did
Wrong, you hate me, I can forgive.
As my compass has no leaks unlike a sieve

Happy fucking birthday to me.

The worst rapper ever.

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