Friday, 27 January 2012

Pointless famine for fullness?

The 30 hour famine? Seems like a pretty large self-indulging narcissistic way to view yourself as a hero. It won't do anything for you, it certainly will do very little for the cause.

I'm not against people who do it, and I am certainly not against the people of Africa. I'm against high schools and post secondary school's using it as a tool and not giving reasons why you should. Sure you raise awareness, but in the end will the people of africa know you "suffered" the way they do. Ultimately, if you think they suffer day to day, build yourself a mud shack and buy some fleas from Petsmart. Find a bunch of heat lamps and sit there covered in mud and fleas and just bake there. Eat food you aren't even aware if it is food or just dirt. Drink water with worms that will burrow into your skin. With their rich culture and very difficult days of gathering resources. A group of teenagers do it, get emotional and act like anyone who doesn't do it is a selfish prick.

You take one aspect of your life, alter it for 30 hours and pretend you have lived a day in Africa. Meanwhile it is the farthest thing. You know nothing of what happens over there .Whether it is the inter-tribal wars or the vast communication of culture and symbols.

When you finish, do you even realize or notice that you did anything? People have dangled this over my head plenty. These kids turn around and go get a Big Mac and Fries with a Large Pop as if it is some self-fulfilling meal. It absolutely hits the spot after 30 hours. Then they go home drink clean water, eat high fat, highly processed foods, watch Jersey Shore on their 52 inch lcd tv, and bitch to their parents they don't have that shirt from Shit-o-matic clothing company. 

That's not a reason why you should do it. To the people who do it for the simple fact of raising money and know they are doing it for that, good on you. You are the modest people, who whole-heartedly deserve the credit. But the second you brag about doing it, you are wasting your fucking breath. I don't care that you did it at that point. You are a blip on the radar of society at that point. As we all are. "I'd rather they just say, i starved myself for 30 hours, LOVE ME."

Long story short, if anyone read this shit. Don't shove the fucking pamphlet down peoples throats, and certainly don't do it for self-gratification. The event itself has become so meaningless it is promoting narcissism. So, go ahead you awesome teenage dirtbags. Do the famine, go home watch an hour of Dane Cook or Tosh.0 and listen to some Nickelback and drift off into your comatose state of awesomeness.

Until next time when I write about World Vision (still nothing against charities for Africa)
Regards, Devon

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