Tuesday, 2 December 2014

28 days

I've become a cliche.

In biology 20, if you have ever taken it that men... In a way, do have a menstrual cycle. Sans bleeding. But, we totally want the DVD of beaches and the 6 bars of Jersey Milk. Men go through a period of anger, sadness and in some men.. A series of depressive events.

I am one of those men.

I have learned my demons take a vacation (or staycation if you will) and come back ever 26 days.

In that time, I question my life, my existence and revisit the night I decided not to end my life. It has become a visit.

Just the demons wreck shit on their way out. This is what depression feels like for me.

I do not enjoy it. But, in a cynical way. I have become to expect it, and welcome it. As a weird introspective way to view myself. It is never positive. But, it does help me understand my functioning brain.

Over the past 5 weeks, 3 students have committed suicide at the U of A.

Please read next blogpost for follow up.

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