Monday, 30 April 2012

Facebook, Twitter, and CISPA/SOPA

Alright, this bill is inevitable, which means all porn streaming and downloads will cease to exist.... and Caillou, Caillou will be gone as well.

Now that you are aware what people do on the internet outside of farmville and winning free Ipads, I will dive deeper. Now, CISPA and SOPA are bills that have been declined once by the united states jurisdiction. Their main objective is to eliminate the middle man and have tabs on everyone's IP by tracking and deciphering millions of codes. Although a terrible idea, I would argue it has many logistical and rational points behind it. Sure, free porn and uhhh legal copies of movies free to anyone online is good. I would argue that stupidity and downright disgusting things said online should be easily traceable and punishable by law. What forces someone to make a twitter to beak people online to give themselves some kind of satisfaction in their own sad life is beyond me.

Whether it is hate crimes, or people bragging that they have defaced some monument or building in their area. The anonymity of twitter and facebook is hidden quite well. From the time their finger hits the key I believe someone should be able to trace it. I'm sure more illegal things happen online than the average person realizes. Hold on Chris Hansen's at my door, but I don't want to take a seat. Why does everyone take a seat when he says it. His smooth forehead and lack of emotion probably seduces those people to sit.

Jon Lovitz, that guy from those movies who disappeared after the Benchwarmers (with good reason) has recently used twitter to fight hate crime and public displays of racism. He did this by publicly posting a picture of 3 17 year old girls who shit on his steps and painted swastikas. However, I am unaware how they did this since girls don't shit. (Right?) Public internet forums and social networking are stirring with the amount of racist and prejudicial remarks that are transferred through their system.

It is making everyone dumber, and is probably responsible for a lot of depression felt by the youth of the nation. We are, we are the youth of the nation. What bothers me most about the joys and monstrous pitfalls of the internet is that Youth suicide rates have gone up almost double since social networking hit it's stride. Which is much more than a coinkidink. Spend a day on twitter and you will see some nasty stuff said. People looking for their 15 minutes of fame, which they earn eventually, just to destroy some 15 year old for some satisfaction. Because they can't get no... Satisfaction (2nd music lyric) in life anywhere else.

Recently a teen from Scotland who went on twitter to hurl racist remarks at a soccer player whom wasn't even coherent and just suffered a heart attack. For a good 3 hours this person let out the tirades of using the words "coon" to get whatever incoherent message she wanted to get across. She showed Muamba her power. She was later found by someone she was chatting with days prior. Outed publicly.

The Bruins faithful had spouted out their own feelings to losing to the Capitals off of a goal by Joel Ward. (Gohabsgo) Also spewing the same words, disgracing an entire fanbase and other sport's fanbases as well. 

Now cyber-bullying is easy to do, without consequence. I've been a victim several times too, but at the end of the day I realized it isn't me who is going to feel like shit when my head hits the pillow. It is the person chirping someone else because their life has no direction or support from others.

Suicide rates will continue to rise unless someone somewhere can get a handle on the cyber bullying that is masked by being able to hide behind pseudonyms like Captaindouche69 or Kushkilla420.

Alas, thanks internet for your po.... I mean youtube.

Terd Ferguson

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